About Us


The Manyu Elements Cultural and community Association,  (MECCA-Stockholm) is a non-profit  making organization based in Swedens capital city of Stockholm.

Our Objectives are concerntrated  on the  preservation of  our cultural identity at the same time promoting Environmentally friendly activies and enhancing socio-economic development, harmony and advancement of the Manyu immigrant community residing in Stockholm. We as well extend a hand of collaboration  and support to the manyu communities back Home, as well as  other member communities within our reach by providing educational, social, economic, cultural and healthcare subsidies, either by direct support or by developing partnerships with other developmental and community  organizations who share the same aspirations like us. With about 30 members, MECCA-STOCKHOLM  is one of cameroon`s  Pioneer immigrant cultural and community associations in Stockholm.

Over the yeasrs we have been able to inspire the birth of  similar cultural and community associations  amongst the cameroon diaspora in stockholm.







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